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C5-C20 Silicone rubber vulcanizing agent Silicon curing agent

C5-C20 Silicone rubber vulcanizing agent Silicon curing agent

    • C5-C20 Silicone rubber vulcanizing agent Silicon curing agent
    • C5-C20 Silicone rubber vulcanizing agent Silicon curing agent
  • C5-C20 Silicone rubber vulcanizing agent Silicon curing agent

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Brand Name: JTL
    Model Number: C5-C20

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 500KG
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: 20KG NET/PE DRUM
    Payment Terms: Western Union, T/T, L/C
    Supply Ability: 10000kg/month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Appearance: CRYSTAL PASTE Models: C5-C20
    Classification: Chemical Curing Agent

    C5-C20 Silicone rubber vulcanizing agent Silicon curing agent

    Quick Details

    Product Name: Silicone curing agent

    Model:   Features:
    C-5        ordinary vulcanizing agent, low cost, high speed
    C-8        general anti-yellowing curing agent, there is a certain anti-yellowing effect
    C-14      curing agent tasteless, low cost, no secondary molding, but volatile, mixing good glue need to run 24 hours, improper operation inflammable
    C-14B    food-grade vulcanizing machine after molding, energy over 200 degrees 4 hours can pass FDA
    C-15      high anti-yellowing curing agent, fast curing speed
    C-20      fast curing agent, can save 50% of the curing time


    This product is used as a high-temperature silicone rubber curing agent, vulcanized rubber with excellent overall performance, and can avoid secondary vulcanization, vulcanization products non-toxic, odorless, and resistant to yellowing excellent, widely used in requirements more high silicon rubber products and food-grade silicone rubber products. This product is flammable and volatile, care must be taken when using.
    1, peroxides
    2, the polyorganosiloxane
    3, efficient anti-yellowing agents
    4, the high molecular weight silicone

    Physical properties:


    • Appearance colorless transparent colloid
    • Flash point 18 ℃
    • Specific gravity (25 ℃) 0.9 g / cm3
    • Safe operating temperature of 140 ℃
    • Significant crosslinking temperature 185 ℃
    • The amount of (relative mix) 1.5-2.0%
    • Stability: This product is a chemically unstable material under high temperature decomposition of free radicals initiate the crosslinking.
    • Packing: drums
    • Packing: 25 KG / barrel.
    • Storage: Seal
    • Shelf life: 12 months.


    1, to avoid contacting with eyes;
    2. Avoid contacting with rust, heavy metal compounds, metal salts, such as the desiccant;
    3, the product high vapor pressure, highly volatile and must remain sealed when not in use;
    4, the product of low flash point, when mixing static sparks or hot rollers are likely to cause combustion, it is necessary added in small portions, once combustion usable foam fire extinguishing;
    5, the product of plastic material shall be used within 12 hours, or affect the curing speed.
    Storage: store drinking places open flame is prohibited, away from heat sources to prevent static electricity, should have good ventilation, room temperature should be stored below 25 degrees; storing a large number of the product, no contact with reducing agents, rust, heavy metals and acid and alkaline substances and flammable materials.




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