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Phenol - Free Antioxidant Plastic Additives 25448-25-3 TDP Tridecyl Phosphite

Phenol - Free Antioxidant Plastic Additives 25448-25-3 TDP Tridecyl Phosphite

    • Phenol - Free Antioxidant Plastic Additives 25448-25-3 TDP Tridecyl Phosphite
    • Phenol - Free Antioxidant Plastic Additives 25448-25-3 TDP Tridecyl Phosphite
    • Phenol - Free Antioxidant Plastic Additives 25448-25-3 TDP Tridecyl Phosphite
  • Phenol - Free Antioxidant Plastic Additives 25448-25-3 TDP Tridecyl Phosphite

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Brand Name: JTL
    Certification: ISO9001,SGS
    Model Number: Antioxidant 2010

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiation
    Price: Negotiation
    Packaging Details: Drum
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
    Supply Ability: 1000 tons / month
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    Detailed Product Description
    CAS NO: 25448-25-3 MF: C30H63O3 P
    Other Name: Environmetal Phenol Free Antioxidant Usage: Coating Auxiliary Agents, Plastic Auxiliary Agents
    Assay: ≥98.5 Appearance: Transparent Liquid
    Type: Phosphite Antioxidant Application: Polyurethane Resistant To Yellowing
    High Light:

    plastic additive masterbatch


    phosphite antioxidant

    Polyurethane Material Polyester Polyol Long Acting Anti-Yellowing Agent For Elastomer


    Basic Spec

    AO 2010 Triisodecyl phosphite CAS 25448-25-3 is colorless to light yellow liquid,Boiling point 166 °C (lit.) Density 0.884 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.) Refractive index n20/D 1.46 (lit.) Flash point >230 °F

    Product name
    AO 2010
    Transparent liquid
    Assay (%)
    Color(Pt-Co) ≤50
    Density (g/ml(25℃)


    Refractive index(nD25) 1.4580-1.4630
    Acidity(KOHmg/g) ≤0.10
    Molecular Weight  502





    Application Of AO2010

    AO-2010 is an environmentally friendly phenol-free phosphite antioxidant that provides excellent processing thermal stability. Widely used in PVC, ABS, SBR, CR, PU, etc.

    It is Polymer additives and a kind of chelator and stabilizer used in PVC and other synthesis resin products ,and also used as anti-ageing agent and antioxidant for plastics such as PE,PP,ABS & SBS etc.


    Other Related Antioxidants collection:

    Model CAS NO Appearance Feature
    AO 2103 80584-86-7 Colorless transparent liquid Polymeric high molecular weight phosphite with excellent processing thermal stability and color improvement
    AO 2105 80584-85-6 Colorless transparent liquid High-phosphorus, low-viscosity phosphite with less added amount and easier use
    AO 3010W 26544-27-4 Clear transparent liquid 100% phenol-free environmental phosphite antioxidant, good heat resistance, can be used in PVC stabilizers, polyurethanes, lubricants, etc.
    AO 2010 25448-25-3 Colorless transparent liquid 100% phenol-free, low-odor environmentally friendly liquid phosphite with excellent high temperature resistance and color improvement
    AO 2040 NA Colorless transparent liquid 100% phenol-free, odorless environmentally friendly liquid phosphite with excellent high temperature resistance and color improvement
    AO 2050 25550-98-5 Colorless transparent liquid It is mainly used in PVC chelating agents to inhibit color change and increase oxidation resistance and photothermal stability.
    AO 3010 26544-27-4 Colorless transparent liquid No free phenol residue is more environmentally friendly, pentaerythritol spiro ring structure has better heat resistance, and the effective phosphorus content is higher and the dosage is smaller.




    Working Principle of Phosphite

    Phosphites are auxiliary antioxidants and play an important role in the antioxidant system. In addition to their excellent ability to decompose hydroperoxides (which are not possible with hindered phenolic primary antioxidants), they are also good. The color protection ability of the dyed group after the oxidation of the hindered phenol antioxidant is shallow. In addition, it can increase the processing temperature of the polymer and has a good synergy with the light stabilizer.
    In the PVC formulation, it is generally believed that the phosphite mainly acts as a chelating agent, and it has no obvious stabilizing effect when used alone, but when used together with the metal soap, it can complex metal chloride, improve heat resistance and weather resistance, and maintain transparency. . It also works synergistically with organotin and epoxy compounds. It can reduce the amount of primary stabilizer, especially the amount of expensive organotin stabilizer. The organic phosphite is widely used in the liquid composite stabilizer, accounting for about 10% to 30% of the total amount, and is widely used in the formulation of the PVC product, especially in the transparent product, the amount is generally 0. 3~1.0 Ph.
    Various ways and mechanisms of phosphite stabilizing PVC
    The thermal degradation of PVC dehydrochlorination mainly has several explanations such as free radical mechanism, ion mechanism and single molecule mechanism. Currently generally accepted is the mechanism of free radical chain reaction. According to this mechanism, the double bonds, branching points, residual initiator end groups, oxygen-containing structures, etc. existing in PVC generate free radicals by thermal or photoactivation, and under the initiation of free radicals, PVC undergoes chain reaction dehydrochlorination to degrade. . The dehydrochlorination of PVC forms a double bond. Due to the activity of the allyl group, the reaction proceeds continuously, and the formation of a conjugated double bond continues to form a polyene structure, causing discoloration of the PVC. The new free radicals further trigger the degradation of PVC and form a chain reaction, which in turn aggravates the degradation of PVC. Phosphite has a role in the stability of PVC by different means and methods. Minskell and Troitz Changya have conducted detailed research. They believe that the PVC is mainly caused by the Arbuzov reaction. The molecules prevent initial coloration and improve thermal stability.
    (1) Capturing hydrogen chloride released in the degradation of PVC to inhibit its autocatalysis.
    (2) Displace the unstable allyl chloride atom in the PVC molecule and inhibit dehydrochlorination.
    (3) Passivation of harmful metal ions: metal ions contained in PVC resin or compounding materials such as Fe, Mn, etc., metal chlorides formed during thermal degradation, especially ZnCI2, CdCI2 have strong promotion of PVC removal The role of hydrogen chloride. Phosphite can passivate these ions and prevent the precipitation of metal chlorides, thereby improving the transparency of PVC products. Phosphite can be directly combined with metal salts to prevent the formation of metal chlorides, as well as direct metal chlorides.
    (4) Antioxidant effect: Since the organic phosphite itself is an auxiliary antioxidant, it can capture oxygen and decompose peroxide.
    (5) Inhibition of free radicals: The mechanism by which phosphites stabilize in PVC is quite complicated. It is difficult to say which kind of stabilizing effect is large, and some are only a theoretical speculation. However, no matter whether the chemical cooperation of phosphite is true or not, phosphite is very effective as a PVC anti-clouding agent in practical applications. In addition, phosphites also have a good effect on the transparency of PVC plastics containing lead salts, barium salts and calcium salts.
    (6) Excellent peeling property in calender molding and extrusion molding, non-sticking rolls and molds, increasing production rate, and suppressing generation of cockroaches.

    Phenol - Free Antioxidant Plastic Additives 25448-25-3 TDP Tridecyl Phosphite

    Packing & Storage

    The plastic/iron drum, and the net weight per drum is 200Kg.

    This product is nontoxic, fire-resistive, explosive-resistive and stable in storing.

    Normally, it is packed in cardboard drum lined with plastic bags with the net capacity

    of 200 kg per drum or according to customers' personal requirements.


    Payment Terms

    100% TT Before Shipment



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