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Transparent Glass Heat Reflective Paint Roof Silicone Coating Thermal Insulation

Transparent Glass Heat Reflective Paint Roof Silicone Coating Thermal Insulation

    • Transparent Glass Heat Reflective Paint Roof Silicone Coating Thermal Insulation
    • Transparent Glass Heat Reflective Paint Roof Silicone Coating Thermal Insulation
    • Transparent Glass Heat Reflective Paint Roof Silicone Coating Thermal Insulation
    • Transparent Glass Heat Reflective Paint Roof Silicone Coating Thermal Insulation
    • Transparent Glass Heat Reflective Paint Roof Silicone Coating Thermal Insulation
  • Transparent Glass Heat Reflective Paint Roof Silicone Coating Thermal Insulation

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Brand Name: JTL
    Certification: ISO9001
    Model Number: Transparent Glass Heat Reflective Paint

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiation
    Price: Negotiation
    Packaging Details: Drum
    Supply Ability: 1000 tons / month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Usage: Building Coating Main Raw Material: Acrylic
    Feature 1: Heat Reflective Coating Type: Industrial Heat Reflective Paint
    Appearance: Transparent Liquid Other Names: Nano Waterproof Heat Reflective Paint
    Application: Industrial / Residential Glass Paint
    High Light:

    heat insulation paint


    thermal insulation paint

    Rpm805 Heat Reflective Coating Matte Indoor Insulation Roof Exterior Sunscreen


    Quick Review:

    Transparent Glass Heat Reflective Paint Roof Silicone Coating Thermal Insulation

    Silicone Coating Thermal Insulation Transparent Glass Heat Reflective Roof Paint

    Product specifications  20L / barrel
    Usage iron Piva surface floor. Sun insulation oil storage tanks, glass, plastic and all hard surfaces
    Main Fucntions effectively block ultraviolet and infrared conduction. Indoor cooling
    Coating method surface coating
    Whether color ajusted No
    Brushing area 1.5-2.5L/sqm
    Drying time  dry <2 hours
    construction methods Spray paint brush roller 
    Features a low-carbon, energy saving, environmental protection
    Advantages high-tech products. Environmental protection.


    Introduction about Transparent Glass Heat Reflective Roof Paint


    Making glass transparent and insulating has always been an important issue that plagues technical experts. There are three main ways to solve the problem of glass insulation. One is to use glass insulation film, but the price of normal imported insulation film is 200-600 yuan per square meter, which is unbearable for ordinary people. Currently, it is only used in high-end cars. The heat reflective film is used to emit heat through the reflective film, but the light transmittance of this product is poor, making it impossible to widely use. Third, LOW-E glass has a domestic manufacturer's production line, and the huge operating cost of equipment and investment leads to a price per square meter. At around 350 yuan, the expensive price restricts the user's use.

    Praise Sino Ltd has passed the inspection of the National Building Materials Testing Center through the improvement of the production technology equipment (smart liquid crystal) intelligent glass insulation coating, and has been certified by the China Home Patent Office. It is understood that the current international thermal insulation and energy saving effect of similar products has not been compared with RPM (smart LCD) smart glass thermal insulation coating. It is able to achieve a thermal insulation temperature difference of 18 ° C -32 ° C, (smart LCD) smart glass insulation coating is the leading brand of international thermal insulation system. It is extremely competitive both at home and abroad. (Intelligent liquid crystal) smart glass heat-insulating coating is coated on the surface of the glass, and the surface of the coating is flat and has excellent water resistance. The surface hardness is 2H, which is super. Strong adhesion level 0. Good acid and alkali resistance, mildew resistance, moisture resistance, temperature resistance, weather resistance, and combustion support. The coating material is water-based one-component environmental material, which does not contain harmful substances such as benzene, ketone, ester, etc. It is environmentally friendly and can be widely applied to any glass surface. It not only has good light transmittance, but also effectively isolates solar heat radiation, and has a strong sense of intuition. Obviously, and tested by China National Building Materials Center, glass coating has excellent spectral selectivity. Through advanced process, the coating thickness is only 8-12um, the visible light transmittance is over 85%, and more than 98% of ultraviolet light is shielded. <220-379nm seriously endangers health and damages furniture) The near-infrared (178-2500nm) barrier rate is over 80%, and the temperature of the single-layer insulating glass is less than 18°C, which reduces the indoor temperature by 18°C. % Even if you do not turn on the air conditioner, you can achieve the effect of warm winter and cool summer. RPM glass intelligent thermal insulation coating will be the best transparent insulating glass for ordinary glass energy-saving upgrade and compliance. Can be widely used in automotive glass, architectural glass, ship glass transparent insulation and energy saving, 99% of which are energy-consuming glass, as long as 20-30% of them use (smart LCD) smart glass insulation coating, the output value will exceed 500 billion yuan.


    Product composition and function


    1. RPM (Intelligent Liquid Crystal) Glass Insulation Coating is a light brown non-toxic, non-irritating, acid-base resistant aqueous liquid synthesized by metal sodium oxide rice material and advanced organic-inorganic hybrid technology. The film was formed at room temperature for 20 minutes, and the surface was completely cured in about 5-7 days. After the film formation, a glass-based layer of 8-10 micrometers of light brown film was formed.

    2, super strong insulation effect, warm in winter and cool in summer.

    Assuming that the indoor air conditioner in summer is set to 27 °C, the (smart liquid crystal) glass insulation coating film can block 80% of infrared rays, but the temperature near the glass is lowered by 18 ° C, and the overall temperature of the room is lowered, which can save 50% of the power consumption of the air conditioner; In winter, the high-temperature material of the glass heat-insulating coating can prevent the infrared rays from escaping from the door and window glass, and can be kept at 10 ° C in winter.

    3. Super strong blocking of harmful light in the sun source.

    More than 90% of the ultraviolet light can be blocked by the glass, and only 8% of the 370nm ultraviolet light penetrates, creating a comfortable and healthy indoor environment, while preventing the aging, fading, embrittlement and other fatal injuries of indoor curtains, carpets, furniture and various kinds of furnishings. .

    4, super strong but light transmission rate.

    RPM (Intelligent Liquid Crystal) glass heat-insulating coating has 85% visible light transmission, clear and comfortable sight, which can keep the glass doors and windows of buildings, hotels, shops and houses maintain a good visual landscape. It can also increase the thickness of glass coating according to customers' expectations. Deepen the color and block the infrared rays by more than 90% to achieve the desired heat insulation effect.

    5, beyond the heat-insulating products of the external shot glass - no secondary light pollution. RPM (Intelligent Liquid Crystal) insulation coating adopts modern intelligent technology and concave-convex principle to absorb natural heat sources and return to the nano-metal components in the film, thus completely solving the problem that reflective insulation products such as various glass films and glass cannot be avoided. The problem of secondary light pollution.

    6, the needs of the times.

    A good market environment and government policy guidance coupled with the superior quality of the products will surely be accepted by the business and society.


    Actual insulation effect


    1, test box test

    Sprayed and unsprayed glass under the same power infrared light, the full transparent temperature difference of 18-25 ° C; shallow and dark (single phase light) temperature difference of 25-32 ° C.

    Test for 10-12 minutes, the temperature difference between unsprayed glass and sprayed transparent glass reaches 18-25 °C

    2, residential living test

    The sunlight directly slanted into the glass, the temperature difference between the spray and the unsprayed is 6-12 °C. The hotter the weather, the stronger the sunlight, the greater the temperature difference. Generally, the hot air does not need to be turned on, and the low temperature air conditioner can be opened in high temperature weather.

    3, car driving test

    The car is driving towards the sun, the temperature on the operating table, the difference between the spray and the unspray is 10-15 °C, the temperature difference between the air in the car is 6-8 °C, the high temperature weather, the car air conditioner can be lowered to meet the comfort requirements of the human body, and the driving at night is not dazzling. .


    Applied to construction


    It is used for energy-saving and heat-insulating of building glass doors and windows, glass curtain walls, etc., to keep warm and prevent external radiation, and to be the favorite of energy-saving decoration style of architectural glass smart paint. He is translucent and sturdy, full of space and unlimited separation and real-life separation. It has replaced the traditional home decoration style, which can make the indoor self-heating light and reduce the visibility. He has rich color, flexible style, safe environment, energy saving and consumption reduction, and has become home, office, restaurant, shopping mall, Large venues, as well as the best choice for private spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

    Building advantage

    ◆ Effectively prevent glass damage and protect life and property.
    ◆The UV-blocking layer is a vacuum interlayer containing trace elements of strontium, which can absorb harmful spectra and adjust the spectrum video.
    ◆ Prevent sound waves from entering, effectively soundproofing more than 38%, and prevent indoor noise pollution to ensure effective learning and sleep.
    ◆ Reduce glare and add comfort.
    ◆Intelligent insulation energy-saving coating can block more than 99% of radiation.
    ◆Enjoy the sun while protecting your home from glare and ultraviolet rays.
    ◆Special anti-scratch coating can make the film more durable.
    ◆ Prevent furniture fading and reduce high air conditioning costs.

    Automotive intelligent thermal insulation coating


    It is clear and transparent, and has a thick and thin choice. It is not easy to detect after installation and has a strong safety explosion-proof function. The strength of the intelligent safety explosion-proof membrane mainly comes from the PET layer. The molecular structure of the PET layer is composed of super-strength plastics and carbon fibers used in aerospace to form a chain-like carbon structure, which is extremely difficult to destroy or puncture. Provide you with a protective barrier in the event of an unexpected emergency.

    Explosion-proof insulation advantage

    ◆Equivalent to an iron fence, fixing the broken glass to the frame until it is safely removed.
    ◆ Stop vandals and thieves. The external intrusion through the glass is mainly carried out through a fragile window, but after being attached with a security film, it is impossible to break the glass and enter the room with a general hit.
    ◆Intelligent coating can block more than 96.23% of harmful UV rays. Prevent the deterioration or discoloration of indoor high-end decoration and electronic products.
    ◆ Prevent large-scale accidents caused by glass scattering, flame bottle explosion, etc., to prevent direct or indirect damage due to scattering of glass fragments, and to protect personal and property safety.
    ◆Intelligent insulation and energy saving can block more than 99% of radiation.
    ◆Enjoy the sun while protecting your home from glare and ultraviolet rays.
    ◆Special anti-scratch coating makes the smart film more durable.
    ◆It has all the functions of temperature-controlled glass film. In summer, the air conditioning cooling effect can be increased, and the heat loss through the window can be greatly reduced in winter, which has a good heat preservation effect.




    · Extremely high hardness and scratch resistance

    · Shows a high gloss

    · Superior water resistance, solvent resistance

    · Good adhesion

    Transparent Glass Heat Reflective Paint Roof Silicone Coating Thermal Insulation

    Physical properties

    The following are typical data, but should not be considered as specifications:



    Milky yellow transparent liquid

    Non-volatile solid content (by weight)



    1.06 g / ml

    Brookfield viscosity, RVT (Rotor No. 2, 60 RPM)

    50~400 centipoise

    pH value


    Stable system

    Surfactant (anion)

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