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herbal extracts industry trends and prospects

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herbal extracts industry trends and prospects

herbal extracts industry trends and prospects

  • industry trends

Investment Advisor in "2016--2020 China's plant extracts Market Investment Analysis and Forecast Report" that the expected future development of Chinese plant extract industry will appear the following trends:


First, the product types are continuously enriched

With innovative ways to improve and increase awareness, tools and equipment, the study of plants and humans will continue in-depth, in line with the new plant ingredients the body needs will continue to be discovered, the plant extract product range will continue to enrich .


Second, new technologies, new processes continue to develop

Plant extracts industry is a technology-dependent industries. Advanced extraction technology and equipment not only can significantly improve product quality extracts, but also improve the utilization of raw materials, reduce material waste, reduce production costs. With the increasing competition in the industry, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, companies will certainly continue to improve the development of strategic technology selection and development of new technology, creating a competitive advantage, to seize the market.


Third, the industry gradually establish and improve the quality system

2014 release of "Food and Drug Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine on the strengthening of the production of extracts and extract the supervision and management of the notice" (the "Notice") clearly stated, "Since January 1, 2016, who do not have the ability to extract proprietary Chinese medicine production enterprises, to stop all corresponding types of production. " "Notice" also suggested that "the success of the record companies should be in accordance with the plant to" Good Manufacturing Practices "(GMP) production requirements."


After "Ginkgo biloba incident" broke out, China Food and Drug Administration in a row to take a series of measures to strengthen the regulatory and plant extracts industry, quality standards at the national level is expected to be introduced. In addition, the industry association is also actively promote the quality system, in 2013 Chinese Medicines and Health Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce of outstanding domestic production enterprises plant extracts developed 7 major export plant extract international business standard, and was the year October 1 formally implemented. The future, the industry gradually establish and improve the quality system inevitable.


Fourth, industry concentration gradually increase

At present, China's plant extracts industry is still in the formative years, industry concentration is not high, the majority of small-scale enterprises, the lack of technical personnel, equipment and technology poor, less competitive. As the industry regulator sound, consumer quality requirements increase, those backward production facilities, poor product quality, enterprises will be eliminated in the future or the integration and restructuring, part of the advanced technology, capital strength, reputable companies will come to the fore, development and growth, industry concentration will gradually increase.


  • Market Prospects

Investment Advisor in "2016--2020 Chinese market investment analysis and forecast report plant extract" that, return to the "green" trend has spurred a broad market space. Downstream natural extracts for the food additives industry, nutrition and health care products, cosmetics, animal feed and other industries. With the improvement of people's living standards, the idea of ​​increasing the return to nature, food, medicine, health products and cosmetics increasingly tends to be "green", natural, pollution-free green products at home and abroad have a huge space for development and broad market prospect. Occupy the mainstream market in the world of food, beverages, cosmetics and daily necessities manufacturers have moved into the stage of development and use of plant extracts, powerful R & D, production and marketing capabilities, will drive the rapid development of plant extracts industry.


Food and beverage industry to promote natural extracts thereof industry. With the improvement of modern food industry and the rise of living standards, consumer health consciousness gradually enhanced, safe non-toxic or substantially non-toxic natural products more and more food companies and consumers. The food additive modern food industry is an integral part of (nearly 97% of various additives currently used in foods), natural plant extracts raw materials for the production of food additives is in tune with this situation, not only to meet the people demand for health, but also has a natural freshness of the food, but also a rich variety of food and nutrition. Therefore, the development of the food industry will greatly stimulate the demand for natural plant extracts raw materials for food additives. In the beverage sector, the international market has entered a flourishing era, more and more beverage producers using natural plant extracts that have special effects as the new beverage into the market selling point to promote profitable growth.

Medicine and health products industry was natural extracts promote the industry. Under the new medical model influence, with functional medicine, health products favored. In recent years, natural herbal-based natural medicine is increasingly international market again and plant extracts are the main raw materials, herbal preparations and can be used in nutritional supplements, so it is natural medicine, health care products on the market the central role of the product.

Daily necessities, cosmetics industry was natural extracts promote the industry. In daily necessities, cosmetics, essential oils since the plant extract has a unique and pleasant aroma of the body's physiological function has a role in promoting mediation and, at the same time due to containing a variety of active ingredient with beauty, anti-aging, anti-bacterial and other special effects, and therefore in a variety of fragrances, skin care products, lotions, and other fields are widely used. But these areas are quite fierce market competition, innovation is the basis for enterprises to survival and development, and widespread effect of plant extracts can be used as a selling point of its new products and should not be replaced.


Feed industry to promote natural extracts thereof industry. Feed industry, feed additive is widely used in foreign countries. In recent years, the amount of domestic feed additives industry is also gradually increasing. Therefore, the application prospects of natural feed additives in the domestic market are relatively broad.

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